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Plugin last updated on 13th July 2020
Compatible upto WP 5.4.x and BP 6.1.x

Features of BuddyPress Members Converts To Ultimate Member:

– Members Profile Photo can be import.
– Members Cover Photo can be import.
– All WordPress user meta data can be import.
– Existing members can be update.
– User password can be set/change from CSV file.
– Can import data other than English.
– Fully compatible with BuddyPress Members Export

Important points:
– Must have database backup before importing users/members.
– Individual data should be in double quote and separated by comma(,).
– To update the existing users you have to check the check-box ‘Update existing users’.
– First line should contain only fields name including WordPress default fields.
– To import values for multivalued field values must be separated by double colon(::)
Eg: if a multivalued field having data WordPress and BuddyPress then in CSV file you have to provide these values as “WordPress::BuddyPress”. If the value is only WordPress then you have to write in CSV “WordPress::”
– Check the check box(Send username and password to new users.) if you want to send username and password to users mail.
– Check the check box(Update existing users) if you want to update the existing users/members.

Free Updates and Support:
– You will get 1 year free updates and issue fix support.

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