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Since version 4.0 of BuddyPress Members Import no more need to create Groups manually.
In CSV file you have to declare user group(s) name (separated by :: if more than 1) under column `member_groups_name`

So now let say in system you already have 2 groups of id 2 and 6
You want to import a user and want to map that user with 4 groups 2 existing and 2 new. New groups name are Artist and Designer.
Then in CSV file under column `member_group_ids` values should be “2::6” and under column `member_groups_name` values should be “Artist::Designer”

Please provide your queries in comment section 🙂

136 thoughts on “BuddyPress Members Import Support

  1. Hi,

    I have purchased the plugin but the confirmation email did not contain the download link.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

      1. Have you considered automating this process. Software is usually delivered upon payment immediately. I do not have the link and it’s been days.

        Please consider automation of this. We all have deadlines.

        Thank you,

        1. Hello Liz,

          First of all sorry for the trouble.
          My hosting server was having some problem.
          I sent you multiple mails with plugin ZIP file as you did not received downloadable link immediately after payment done.

          Yes, it is automated service and just after payment done user getting the link but unfortunate you did not 🙁


          1. Do you supply a sample CSV that we can use as a template? Instructions like

            ‘Then in CSV file under column `member_group_ids` values should be “2::6” and under column `member_groups_name` values should be “Artist::Designer”’

            are not really that helpful without a sample that we can look at.

      1. Mapping of Members and group is added to new version.
        – You have to have groups in your BuddyPress setup.
        – Give the column name in CSV file to ‘member_group_ids’.
        – Then in CSV file for each members provide the group ids separated by double coon(::).
        – Example CSV file present in download package.

        1. For the groups import, if you have a user that is already in the system and is already in BP groups (say group id of 3, 5, & 7), and then in the import csv they are only in with an id of 9. What will the result be? Will they now be in 3,5,7 & 9, or just 9? Thanks in advance.

          1. If user already mapped with group 3,5 &7, and then in the import csv they are only in with an id of 9. they now be in 3,5,7 & 9


        2. Perhaps I have somehow downloaded an older version or .zip file…no sample csv in the zip I have. Possible to have it posted here, or sent to me? Thanks for your work.

  2. It fails to update existing users here. All fields are the same and imported successfully, but I added some profile fields and want to process the list again. It says “Following user(s) are not imported as they are already registered in your website”

    1. Please confirm that whether you have provided the ID of the existing users in CSV file or not.
      If you want to update an existing user then you have to provide the ID of that user.

      In Important note section this is written.

      1. I haven’t. Since I’m using the same CSV file I used to import users in the first place, I just have their usernames. It would be helpful if the plugin would check for matching usernames and update the records as needed…

        1. This should not be present in the plugin. Because if this will happen then we would not have the control on prevent the existing members.

          Give me some time to implement this efficiently into the plugin with some admin setting so it would not be the problem anymore.

          1. Hello All,

            Added a checkbox in the admin form name ‘Update existing users’. Now if this checkbox is checked then existing user data will be update else no update of existing users..


  3. Hi,
    i’ve got a question.

    When i update an existing user, by checking the update checkbox, it does update an user, but also gives them a new password. The new password doesn’t work and the multi-select box xprofile field doesn’t get updated too. Other xprofile fields do get updated.

    When i insert a new user, everything works fine, password etc. Only the multiselect box xprofile field doesn’t get processed. I use the correct profile name name and seperate options with ::

    What am i missing ?


    1. Hello Rado,

      Thanks for the using BuddyPress Members Import.
      Understand your issues and seems multi select values are not working at all.
      Next for existing user password updating but not working.

      For existing users yes BuddyPress Members Import plugin updating the password and also I have tested that it is working.
      But No problem I am trying to reproduce the issue at my and and get back to you ASAP.


      1. Hi Manish,

        just used the updated plugin. works great now ! The multi-select too..

        Thanks for the quick fix.

        And thanks for confirming it’s compatible with the new Buddypress 1.7.


  4. Hello Rado/All
    Apologies for the issues. And of-course thanks for rising the flag because of this issues are fixed. Plugin is updated for new buyers. Old buyer can send me a request mail with their mail ID used for bought the plugin.

    Please let me know the mail id by which you bought the plugin so I can send the updated one to your mail ID.

    List issue and new features added:
    – xprofile fields for multiple values data not save issue- fixed.
    – For old user update added a checkbox for asking whether admin want to change the user password or not- New feature added.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. does the import also activate the user profiles?

      I haven’t been able to populate the ‘last_activity’ row in a batch it’s necessary that this works because my users will not be logging in creating the last activity necessary for profiles to be visible.

  5. Hello,

    What are the field names that should be included in the csv file? Such as userlogin, xprofile fields, etc..

    Can you please provide an example.


    1. Hello Eric,

      In plugin ZIP you can see a sample CSV file present in which some fields nae present.
      Below are the WordPress core fields name:
      ‘user_login’, ‘user_pass’,
      ‘user_email’, ‘user_url’, ‘user_nicename’,
      ‘display_name’, ‘user_registered’, ‘first_name’,
      ‘last_name’, ‘nickname’, ‘description’,
      ‘rich_editing’, ‘comment_shortcuts’, ‘admin_color’,
      ‘use_ssl’, ‘show_admin_bar_front’, ‘show_admin_bar_admin’,

      For Xprofile fields name should be as same as you have provided at the time of field creation.
      Like if you are creating a field with name DOB. Then in CSV file you have to provide DOB.

      Hope above info will help full 🙂

  6. Hello,
    I just used your plugin to import a large list of 3000+ users. Overall it worked great. However I noticed that the data I have in for the user_login field was changed on many. Some to their email, some to pieces from other parts of their data. This has caused some other plugins I’m using to link to their buddypress profiles to not find their profiles correctly. Any ideas? Thanks!

  7. Hello,
    I also imported a “Description” buddypress field that is a multi-lined text field. However the import only imported the first line of text. So many of the descriptions are cut off. Any way to address this? Thank you!

  8. One more question,
    Is there a way to import an image for buddypress avatar/profile image? I tried usein ghte field “avatar” with a url to to the image, but didn’t seem to work. Thanks for all the help!

  9. Fixed in updated version.
    If anyone using the old version then please contact me with the mail ID you used at the time of purchase and get it from. 🙂

  10. Hi.
    I cannot get import to work.
    I am using the minimal number of fields based on the sample csv file you provide. and… the users do get imported but…
    The buddypress profile that is created cannot be edited by the users once the log in. (I imagine something in the structure created is wrong)
    Also. even though I check the ‘Show password nag on new users sign-in’. checkbox. When they log in they are presented with no nag screen.
    Any ideas what is going on? I can’t use it this way as the imported users cannot edit their own profile.


    1. Hello Etan,

      #Edit profile
      After import users. User needs to login >> go to profile >> Edit from this screen user can edit their profile.

      #Password Nag
      As per WP instruction at the time of user creation need to set the password nag true and BMI plugin doing the same. Password nag not coming my guess – BuddyPress plugin redirecting users to home page after login. But in general WordPress landing them to their profile where password nag should come.

      Please write here if further more I can help you.


  11. Hi.
    I had problems with imported members (their profile is not editable) and placed a question here yesterday.
    The question was removed!
    I don’t understand this. I am a paying customer with a problem, posing a question on the support forum. Could you please address the problem and help me solve it.

    Etan Rozin

    1. Hello Etan,

      I am sure that you aware about WP post nature, those needs to be moderate then only show. I was not able to access internet last two day that is why unable to approve your comments. I think now you can see your comments.


  12. Hi,

    I just purchased your plugin. Few questions.

    1. When adding custom profile fields to the import, do I need to add them in any particular order to the sample csv file? Do I add them after the group IDs header?

    2. Does this plugin play nice with s2member?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello,
      #1: No need to maintain any order. Just need to confirm that the xprofile field name and the column name in CSV should be same.
      #2: Never tested with s2Member. If get time this week then will test.

  13. @JessThib

    There are some very minor differences between the CSV file produced by s2Member and the CSV produced by @Manish plugin.

    s2Member produces a CSV that uses user-friendly column headings, while this plugin uses the database field name.

    s2Member Pro has the ability to allow the Admin to create custom user fields that may or may not be integrated with BuddyPress.

    s2Member Pro also exports the User ID number to the CSV file, which is not present in this plugin.

    That’s all that I notice right off hand.

  14. Sample CSV code request.

    Custom BuddyPress Field: Checkboxes.
    Fields: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Indigo, White

    Question and request for sample code:
    If a member has selected Red, Green, and White, do I simply enter:
    or do I need to include all fields and assign each a 0 or 1?


  15. Was just using this on a Mac and tearing my hairs out as to why my CSV file wasn’t being recognised after 30 or so attempts. If anyone’s using Mac Excel to create their CSV make sure you save as Windows Comma-Separated and not the standard CSV format or you’ll just get a refreshed screen with nothing imported.

      1. I figure out the mac thing.

        Now I’m trying to reimport a list that now includes the “user_id” because I want to import a column again to update new data.

        Unfortunately there are no error messages so I can’t tell what is wrong. the page just refreshes with the file I selected missing like the first time I come to to the page.

        I have tried “id”, “ID” and “user_id” as the column head for the user-id of the user I want to update. The other 4 columns are xprofile fields and I know those column headings are correct as I am using the exact same spreadsheet that I did my initial import.

        1. I figured out based on my limited knowledge of php, that I needed the user_email column in there since your code check’s that field to determine if the user already exists. So now I get the process to work, but nothing gets updated.

          I’m guessing it is coming down to the column heading for “user_id” and I tried the three combinations above to figure out what the column should be called. Nothing worked.

          No users imported.
          Total users in CSV 103
          Total new users imported 0
          Total old users updated 0
          Total users not imported 103

  16. Dear Manish

    Have you thought about expanding this great plugin to do export as well? I think that there are a great number of cases where this functionality would be appreciated. Myself and a business partner would love an export function for an exiting and future customers.

    Best regards,

  17. Hi again Manish

    Just bought and tested your plugin with a single new user import. The password which is generated for the new user doesn’t seem to work which will complicate the registration progress for users at our customer’s website. New users will need to reset their password which isn’t optimal in our customer’s use case. Could you take a look at it? The site is running WP 3.6 with BP 1.8.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hello Casper,

      Not sure what went wrong at your end. But please be sure that you are using correct name for the WordPress default fields. Like for Password field name should be ‘user_pass’.
      Plugin is successfully tested with WordPress 3.6 and BuddyPress 1.8


      1. I might have done something wrong. It works now. 🙂

        For our customer’s case the user_nicename needs to be the fullname of the user so could you add an additional feature for this? Ie. same as when we choose that the user_login should be the same as user_email, then we can choose that user_nicename = fullname – and include a check for exiting user_nicename. So if the user_nicename exist then add a number at the end?

        Thanks in advance and for your fast response. It’s appreciated. 🙂

        1. Hello Caper,

          Again you come up with good requirement but little bit busy so just giving you the code. You just need to add in ‘buddypress-members-import.php’ file.

          – Open ‘buddypress-members-import.php’ file
          – go to line 149, you can see here if ( empty( $userdata ) ) continue;
          – After the above line paste the below two lines code and do test upload.
          $userdata[‘user_nicename’] = @$userdata[‘first_name’] . ‘ ‘ . @$userdata[‘last_name’];
          $userdata[‘nickname’] = @$userdata[‘first_name’] . ‘ ‘ . @$userdata[‘last_name’];
          – Note you need to have ‘first_name and ‘last_name’ in your CSV file.


  18. Hi again

    We are experiencing problems with importing users with danish names including the special danish characters æ(ae) ø(oe) å(aa). The CSV file is encoded in UTF8 and the special danish characters is shown correct in the CSV file but not when imported.

    Could we as soon as possible find the problem in collaboration?

    Best regards,

    1. Just did testing in my local with æ(ae) ø(oe) å(aa) and data importing into the DB correctly. Seems everything working file.
      Please check your database table ‘Collation’ it should be ‘utf8_general_ci’


      1. Hi Manish

        I’m still having problems importing the danish characters. The client’s database is running with utf8_unicode_ci and I’ve tested by updating users names manually in the database which works. At this point I haven’t located the problem.

      2. I can confirm that using the utf8_encode function on data which are already encoded in utf8 “cripples” the data so you should consider doing some checks?

  19. I installed and activated this plugin. Afterwards, when I access Groups and try to add a new Group for BP, the following code appears:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/virtu121/public_html/ in /home/virtu121/public_html/ on line 41

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/virtu121/public_html/ in /home/virtu121/public_html/ on line 42

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/virtu121/public_html/ in /home/virtu121/public_html/ on line 875

    This is kind of a game-ender. >:D Any suggestions on how to fix?

        1. Sorry, replied too soon. Removing the “8” from the folder of course stopped the plugin from working; when I removed the “8” from the zip file and reinstalled, the problem returned. I will chat you on skype.

  20. I have read that this plugin will allow me to activate all the existing members in my site in BuddyPress. Can you provide a step by step instruction for doing this? The end result I am going for is to have all the members show up in the member directory. Right now none of them do because the site is new and there has been no member activity.

  21. Hello Manish,

    We spoke a while back about your plugin, and I’m trying to use it again (with most recent buddypress and wordpress on multisite), and am having a problem. The users are being created, but none of the xprofile information is being populated. I am getting this PHP errror:

    WordPress database error Table ‘mydatabasenamedb.wp_2_bp_xprofile_fields’ doesn’t exist for query SELECT name FROM wp_2_bp_xprofile_fields WHERE type IN (‘checkbox’, ‘multiselectbox’, ‘selectbox’, ‘radio’) AND parent_id=0 made by require_once(‘wp-admin/admin.php’), do_action(‘users_page_bp-members-import’), call_user_func_array, bp_memberimport_page

    Do you know how I can adjust your plugin to resolve this error? Many thanks.

  22. Hello, thank you very much for your support.
    We have not yet purchased your tool to import our wordpress database, and before we want to consult a doubt.

    We have a database that can be exported in different formats with about 5000 users of an application.
    We have installed a WordPress theme that contains BuddyPress.
    We want to know if we can import the database: username / password / mail (and others).
    We also wanted to know if this plugin automatically sends the user data in an email so they can access.

    So they can use and access to our forum for our WordPress Buddypress installed whit out any more thing to do.

    We provide all access to the site if necessary have to check something you do.

    I hope you decide to answer my purchase.
    Thank you very much.

  23. Hi Manish,
    I bought your great plugin but I have a big problem. Importing users from my csv file without an avatar works great. With avatar the import hangs at the first user and that’s it. Your plugin creates an folder with the id number of the user at uploads/avatars but this folder has only 755 rights – not 777. Could that be the problem? When I manually upload an avatar in Buddypress everything works fine. So where is the difference?

    1. Hello Michael,

      Sorry for the trouble.
      Please try with 777.
      It should work, plugin in well tested.
      You can make sure that the avatar image path is correct

  24. I just wish there were some basic documentation, to answer questions such as:
    What does each field do; what are the fields for?
    Does the order of fields matter?
    What characters are/aren’t allowed?

    I’ve installed and activated it, and run backups, but now I wish I felt more secure in what I’m doing…

  25. Does this script still work ? I have no users in wordpress and none in buddypress. I need to import them in . Also is this still under active development ? Thank you.

  26. Ran into an issue. I have my CVS file created and it did import only the wordpress stuff. It did not import the other fields i made in buddy press. Not sure what i did wrong. Can you please look at what i did wrong or is there an email i can send the file too.

  27. Just to let you know i think it is Xprofile Custom Fields Type that i am setting up and having issues of them going to the fields at all.

  28. Hi Manish,

    I have a csv file containing 400 users exported from a Drupal database
    The password field is encoded (example: $S$DG373jl43nCQ3155bfHeLpNZ5UWFHHHaqQlZLf4xEiQ6EtgVOmIt).
    I would like to know if I can import the password as is, so that the user doesn’t have to change it.
    I don’t have the uncoded user password.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hello,
      You have to provide raw password in CSV file not the encrypted.

      You can not use Drupal encrypted password as all CMS or Framework have their own encryption method.

      You can give same password to all account and in mail template you can write message like to inform user that due to system re-configuration your password has been changed. Your new password is this. You are requested to re-set you password upon your first login.

      Hope above help!!!

  29. I bought this plugin a while ago and I’m finally getting around to using it. I notice if I import a value of “0” into one of the Buddypress Extended Profile fields it doesn’t get imported as “0”, but instead nothing gets imported at all for that field, it’s just blank. Is that on purpose? Could it be changed?


    1. Hello Chris,

      Yes, the behavior is correct. In BP if you provide ‘0’ as value to a BuddyPress Extended Profile field then nothing will save into database.

      You can do a quick test own self. Create an account in BP and then in edit mode provide 0 as value to any BuddyPress Extended Profile field and save.


  30. When I test an import, the buddypress extended profile visibility value is being set to “public” instead of to whatever the default for that field is. In buddypress-members-import.php it looks like it is always set that way:
    $xprofile_fields_visibility[$bp_field_visibility->object_id] = ‘public’;
    Is there a way to fix that?

    1. Okay, I found a fix (apologies if this code gets mangled here):

      at line 72 in buddypress-member-import.php I changed it to:

      //modified by cwjordan to query for visibility instead of setting it to public
      // $xprofile_fields_visibility[$bp_field_visibility->object_id] = 'public';
      $xprofile_field_visibility_value = $wpdb->get_var ( "SELECT meta_value FROM `wp_bp_xprofile_meta` WHERE object_id = '$bp_field_visibility->object_id' and meta_key = 'default_visibility'" );
      $xprofile_fields_visibility[$bp_field_visibility->object_id] = $xprofile_field_visibility_value;

      That seems to work fine for me, although I’ve only done a little testing so far.

  31. Regarding Avatar imports, the FAQ wasn’t quite clear to me, but after some trial and error I got avatar imports to work. In my case there were two things I was missing, which you might want to add to the FAQ:

    1. The avatar files must be on the Web Server, not on your computer where the .csv file is.

    2. The path to the source of the avatar files (on the web server) has to be readable by the user the web server is running as. This full path must be in the “avatar” field of your .csv file.

    This plugin doesn’t give you an error message if it doesn’t copy the avatar successfully, but it will log a PHP warning if you have PHP logging set up.

  32. Hi

    When I try to import avatars in my csv files I have always an error :

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Error::resize() in /home/isralink/public_html/wp-content/plugins/buddypress-members-import/buddypress-members-import.php on line 248

    How can I import avatars ?


  33. Hi

    Incredible sometimes how peoples didn’t share solutions…

    For those who have spent 2 night with this pb, here is the solution about importing CSV avatars
    In your csv file you have to write ABSPATH for each avatar you want to import (avatars have to be in your server).

    In my case
    You have to be carefull that picture is not to big and did’nt have special character in his name
    You have to be carefull that avatars folder is 777 writable

    After that it will be ok

    Good luck,

    Manish your plugin is great, but the documentation have to be more precise but thank you !

  34. Hi Manish,

    I’ve just downloaded the importer plugin for email contacts – thank you. It looks great.
    Problem: I’ve never even seen a CSV file. I can find set up by googling the format, but I don’t understand the double quote requirement noted in the plugin.

    Do you have a sample file that you can forward so I understand how the file must be set up?
    Please sent to my email address.

    Thank you so much,

  35. Hi,
    I did a test import of users. After a few tries, I got it to import – yay!

    My issue is that all fields are importing with visibility as “public” but the default in buddypress is “only me”. I noticed on the plugin description it says “xProfile fields default visibility maintain.” How do I make this happen?

    I also noticed the version I have says it was tested with WP 3.8 and Buddypress 1.8.1. But the plugin description says it was tested wih WP 3.9 and BP 2.0. I just bought this 2 days ago – maybe I was sent a link to an old version?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Fixed in latest version. If any one already purchased this plugin just drop me a mail with the info mail ID used at the time of purchase. Will send the latest file ASAP.

  36. This plugin work in a multisite installation?

    Can add existing users on other blogs to load a CSV file

    please respond, Tanks you!!!

  37. Hi i have tested user import in localhost it is working but when I import user in livesite it is nothing import, please tell me how to solve this, this is very very urgent for me.

  38. The problem was in my excel to csv file, my csv was not properly converted and after make a proper csv and with 400+ user data the plugin imports all the data very fast and smoothly, no trouble and everything is working fine.

    Thanks you a lot for your great plugin.

  39. Can you please recommend the best way to export data from BuddyPress for entry to your plugins CSV file? I have most of the data OK, simple extra profile fields. I am stuck on exporting Group ID’s and Avatar paths. I don’t know where to find this info.

    Great plugin 🙂

      1. Thanks for your reply, but I have no idea how to get product id and avatar paths out of Buddypress, and can’t move on with your plugin. If your plugin did import/export, it would be a great service to the community, or in the meantime you could figure out some advise. Thanks

  40. I just purchased the plugin, I’m having issues with the importing xprofile field, as the data is not importing in at all.
    Should I be entering something specific for an xprofile field column in the csv?

  41. Hi, I have purchased the plugin but I didn’t receive any confirmation email. How I should proceed to download it?


    August 11, 2014


    Invoice ID: WC-BMI980
    Date: 11 AGO 2014
    Time: 17:12:41 BRT
    Status: Concluído

  42. I am missing a posibility to download a sample csv file containing all the userfields needed to do the import, or possibly the opportunity to check off from a list, what information i want in the csv file, and then have a sample csv file created, i am pretty new to mysql and i have no idea what i need to call the rows in the csv file in order to match it with all the right fields in the database in order to have it imported corectly

    1. Hello Rasmus,

      In plugin ZIP you can see a sample CSV file present in which some fields are present.
      Below are the WordPress core fields name:
      ‘user_login’, ‘user_pass’,
      ‘user_email’, ‘user_url’, ‘user_nicename’,
      ‘display_name’, ‘user_registered’, ‘first_name’,
      ‘last_name’, ‘nickname’, ‘description’,
      ‘rich_editing’, ‘comment_shortcuts’, ‘admin_color’,
      ‘use_ssl’, ‘show_admin_bar_front’, ‘show_admin_bar_admin’,

      For Xprofile fields name should be as same as you have provided at the time of field creation.
      Like if you are creating a field with name DOB. Then in CSV file you have to provide DOB.

      Hope above info will help full 🙂

      1. OK I’ve added a subscription under order #1232. Could you please send me the updated plugin to the email on-file? Thanks!

  43. Hi,
    The members csv file I have to import contains a MD5 crypted password field column.
    How BMI does manage with that ? Will the users be able to use their password aftter BMI import to BuddyPress.
    Thank you,
    Jean David

    1. No, CSV file should have raw password not the crypted, as this plugin using all WP functions internally. You can select the email notification check box checked so user will get their new login details in email. This plugin also has way to create your own template for email notification.

  44. Hi !
    I have to import 10K users (!)
    My import tests are ok, I can import touchy data for xProfile fields like “Custom Post Type”.

    My problem is that the server goes “error 500” when number of users is over 30 in the csv !!!

    What parameter do I have to modifiy in my server to increase its import capabilities ?
    Thank you,
    Jean David

  45. Hi !
    I have to import 10K users (!)

    My problem is that the server goes “error 500” when number of users is over 30 in the csv !!!
    I increased the server reponse delay but doesn not seem to change anything…

    What parameter do I have to modifiy in my server to increase its import capabilities ?
    Thank you,
    Jean David

    1. try to make max_execution_time to unlimited.
      I already replied to your email couple of days back.

      Anyways you can not import 10K users in a single shot because it will crash the server.
      Try to import 400-500 users per CSV

  46. Hi,

    I’ve added my content to the sample csv file with avatar but I have this message when trying to import users:
    Total users in CSV: 0
    Total new users imported: 0
    Total old users updated: 0
    Total users not imported: 0

    This is a test file with only 20 lines in it. Where does the problem come from?


  47. Hi, I am trying to import user data into my website. I get the following:

    Total users in CSV: 5
    Total new users imported: 0
    Total old users updated: 0
    Total users not imported: 0

    I am only trying to import a few users from the original list (about 700 users) so that I can see how to setup the data. However, this doesn’t seem to work correctly.

    I’ve tried to comment out line 157 in the plugin, and i’ve tried to resave with openoffice, both methods failed to import the data. I also checked to see if there were any blank lines inside the csv file, and this doesn’t appear to be the case. There are some dates inside the document, but I formatted them correctly as per comment above. I don’t know what else could be wrong.

    1. Just to point out, the developer helped me with this issue, commenting here in case someone experiences the same issue:

      So, what happened was I added double quotes to all my headings and the format that I saved in also enclosed in double quotes, so it was the duplicate double quotes that caused my users to not get imported. Got this sorted out, and the import worked fine again.

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