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Plugin last reviewed and tested on 3rd April 2020
Compatible upto WP 5.4.X and BP 5.1.X
All types security concerns tested thoroughly
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Within 7 days full money back possible if this plugin unable to import users in your WP database and our team could not help you out.
Searched a lot in many places to import BuddyPress members from CSV file in WordPress database but did not get any help. So decided to write a plugin named BuddyPress Members Import which will import WordPress as well as BuddyPress members from CSV file to WordPress database.

Generally while we have too many users in our website then often we have such type of questions in mind:
– How to mass-import users from .csv?
– How to bulk-import users from .csv?
– How to import users from CSV or xls to Database?
– Importing data from Excel, CSV sheet
– how to bulk import buddypress users xprofile from cvs or excel?
– Importing users to Buddypress with custom fields

Answer to all above question is BuddyPress Members Import

Plugin name: BuddyPress Members Import

BuddyPress Members Import wordpress user import wordpress user export buddypress members export


– Tested with latest version of WordPress and BuddyPress.
– WordPress /BuddyPress / Membership members can be import.
– WordPress users extra/custom fields can be mapped with the account.
– BuddyPress members extra profile fields(xProfile) can be mapped with the account.
– All type(check-box, radio, select, multiselect) xProfile fields can be import.
– Existing users account can be update.
– User password can be set from CSV file.
– Custom Email template.
– Different password to different user.
– xProfile fields default visibility maintain.
– Bulk Update BuddyPress Group Membership.
– Bulk Update members and friends mapping.
– BuddyPress Member Type Support.
– Bulk update members from WordPress to BuddyPress.
– Mapping of members and groups can be done.
– Members AVATAR can be upload. Avatar will be re-size to BP default avatar size.
– 3 sample CSV file present to help you to create CSV file.
– Can import data other than English language.
– Fully compatible with BuddyPress Members Export
– Fully compatible with Paid Memberships Pro

Important points:
– Must have database backup before importing users/members.
– Individual data should be in double quote and separated by comma(,).
– To update the existing users you have to check the check-box ‘Update existing users’.
– First line should contain only fields name including WordPress default fields.
– For BuddyPress xProfile fields name should be as same as the name of database table column name. Mean if you go to any xProfile field in edit mode the ‘Field Title’ value should be the column name in CSV file.
– In CSV file member group id(s) column name should be ‘member_group_ids’. Before importing members all group should be created and in CSV file provide the group id(s) separated by double colon(::).
– To import values for multivalued field values must be separated by double colon(::)
Eg: if a multivalued field having data WordPress and BuddyPress then in CSV file you have to provide these values as “WordPress::BuddyPress”. If the value is only WordPress then you have to write in CSV “WordPress::”
– Check the check box(Send username and password to new users.) if you want to send username and password to users mail.
– Check the check box(Update existing users) if you want to update the existing users/members.
– Two example csv file will be present in plugin package.
– For better performance have below setting

PHP Version: 5.3.X minimum
upload_max_filesize = 32M
post_max_size = 64M
memory_limit = 256M

Price: $49 only with 1 year free support for single site

Buddypress Members Import

We accepts Bitcoin as well. To pay using bitcoin contact us at
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Do you have this plugin: Installation and FAQ

Do you have any question in your mind: Support

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25 thoughts on “BuddyPress Members Import

  1. We get these Information
    No users imported.
    Total users in CSV 10
    Total new users imported 0
    Total old users updated 0
    Total users not imported 0

    Please select the CSV file you want to import below. What can we do

    1. Hello Bruno,

      Checked the code again and seems if you will upload a CSV file containing 10 blank lines then only you will get the message as above. Let me know your case so if we can come to the solution which will help full for others too.


  2. Hello,
    Can this plugin import avatars? or i guess put in the url to where the avatar image would be located so that the buddypress will pick it up? We were using an old social group platform and updating to buddypress. We have over 3000 users most of which have images that we can want to transfer over. Thanks!

  3. I am trying to import to different csv files for members so that the complete profile information is in buddypress. However the user’s already exist in the wordpress user database and the user meta database on the new site. All we really need to do is match the current user and import there extended profile information into buddypress. Do you have any idea if your plugin can work for this?

    1. Hello Chris,

      What I understand from your comment is you want to update the information for some pre existing users/members.
      If my understanding is correct then YES, you can use this plugin.
      What you have to follow:
      – In your CSV file you have to have user_email field because BMI plugin using this field for checking whether the user is present or not in database.
      – you have check the 2nd check box present in import form.


      1. “In your CSV file you have to have user_email field because BMI plugin using this field for checking whether the user is present or not in database.”

        I didn’t find this in your help files. Been tearing my hair out. Thanks!

  4. From the sample you have this can you explain more where did 2 and 1 came from? or where did you get it


  5. Hello – This is an awesome plugin and works as advertised, thank you!

    How do I add an avatar image? The directions of the plugin settings in the import screen are not clear or complete. What should the field name be? And will it import the avatar into the site files? IS it part of the site media library or somewhere else? Thank you!

  6. I am having a trouble when updating special characters using your plugin. For example Gené becomes Gené.

    Any idea how this can be fixed?

      1. Thanks. That helped.

        Note to other developers:
        We are working on MAC, and saving csv from xls file in Excel (with quotes around values) is very problematic to say the least. So we switched to using OpenOffice and everything works perfectly.

  7. Good WordPress / BuddyPress plugin – does what it says on the tin and saved some time importing 40 users! Picked it up pretty quickly and managed to import custom profile fields too. Mike

  8. I am uploading a file with names in Hebrew and it comes out as gibberish
    Even though I set it to UTF-8 and SCV
    What can we do in that case?

    1. Hello Nati,

      In file buddypress-members-import.php near line number 157 you will found below code
      $cvalue = utf8_encode( $cvalue );

      Comment this code. If this modification solve your problem then all fine.

      If not then please check you Database table ‘Collation’. In my case it is utf8mb4_general_ci.

  9. I am developing a multisite and considering using BuddyPress in order to use xProfile for additional fields, since xProfile fields will also work with Gravity Forms. Does your import program work for importing networkwide or just the site that has BuddyPress?

  10. Thanks for contacting to BMI support.
    BMI plugin support networkwide.
    Several people already used and feedback is positive.
    If something strange come on road will see.

  11. BuddyPress Members Import plugin is the only plugin which can import any type of fields in BuddyPress tables. Thanks to the developer. Invested money in good plugin Happy 🙂

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