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End of May 2015 WordPress came up with version 4.2, and this version came with a new feature called Emoji that allowed you to use the new Emojis in your WordPress website. Even several people like this feature but there are alot who just don’t want Emojis. If we think from performance point of view then it is good to disable this feature as it loads an extra JS file in every page load which may cause to slows down your site. So, let’s see how to disable this feature.

First you have to download, install and activate the Classic Smilies plugin. Simply activating this plugin will disable the emoji support on WordPress 4.2 and later versions. By doing this WordPress default emoji support will be disable but the normal emoji feature present in WordPress previous version(<4.2) would work as expected.

Now if you want to disable Emoji support altogether, then you can use the plugin Disable Emojis. This disables ALL emoji support in WordPress.

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