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Recently I have started using MAC OS X. Today I came across nice and smart way of taking screen shots of your screen using Keyboard keys combination.

Every designer / developer / tester are aware of that at some purpose throughout a project there’ll plenty of screen-shots required. Yes, third party applications usually get this job, however if you’re a MAC OSX user, you can do the same without having any third party tool. This can be done using combination of you MAC keys.

1. If you wish to save a screen-shot of your whole desktop / screen to the desktop for later editing use Shift+Command+3 for the whole screen and Shift+Command+4 for a selection.

2. Now if you want to have a screen-shot that can be pasted directly into any document editor. use Shift+Control+Command+3 for the whole screen and Shift+Control+Command+4 for a selection. Now go to your document editor application and paste it right in!

Be Happy 🙂

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