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What is Sitemap

A sitemap is over simply an inventory of links on your web site that makeup the “site” , it’s a simple method for the search engines to know what your website is concerning.Manually Ping your website Sitemap to search engines

Generate your Sitemap

If you are about to create your web site sitemap, you should know that there are multiple free sitemap generators out to help you create your web site’s XML sitemap. once you are done with generating sitemap, put it aside to your web site. remember that you have to update your sitemap time to time whenever you make changes in your web site. Now it is time to ping the search engines(Google, Bing) to inform them to appear for the update.

Google Yahoo Bing

Ping Google

There is no doubt that Google is the dominant computer program in search engine world, and you may need to inform to Google once whenever you do any modifications to your web site. Google conjointly incorporates a sitemap tool in their Google Webmaster tools space. If you haven’t created your Google Webmaster account yet, just create it now. There are hundreds of worth full information out there and you’ll be able to use once Google Search Engine crawl your web site and the way several of your links square measure in their index..

Manually Ping your website Sitemap to search engines

Google Search Engine Ping url is:

Sitemap ping to Google

Ping Bing / MSN

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 11.22.40 pm

Don’t forget to tell Search Engines When Ever you Modify your Sitemap
If your are running a web blog which doesn’t already “ping” the search engines and update your sitemap mechanically together with your new updates and content, you have to do this manually as explained above. Do not forget to regenerate your web site sitemap after modification done and ping that sitemap to search engines. Because then only these search engines can know about your changes and can list them in their search result.

Did you noticed that I have not yet talked about YAHOO. WHY? Since March 2011, YAHOO stopped this service because they join their hands with Bing for search engine, so use the Bing link to ping YAHOO search engine.

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