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Ajaxify WordPress Site Pro is a plugin which helps you to reload the Google recaptcha form in ajax loaded page. This plugin already a wel known plugin in WordPress community to make your whole WordPress site ajaxify. Let us have a quick look into what are the features available in this plugin

Pro Features in AWS Pro

– Tested with latest version of WordPress and each plugin.
– No need to worry about ajaxify container ID any more. Now inbuilt support added for CLASS as well. So now if your theme does not defined any ID to a particular div you want to ajaxify no worry you can now use CLASS
– If container having ID then fill up the “Ajax container ID/CLASS” field by #CONTAINER-ID and if container having CLASS then fill up the field by .CONTAINER-CLASS.
– Same feature added for menu container. So Menu will be ajaxify.
– Now you can define multiple div or other html element to be ajaxify. Like breadcrumb. For this you have provide div or element ID/Class inside “Multiple sub ajax container IDs/CLASSes”. Multiple value must be separated by comma(,)
WordPress search become ajaxify by just providing the ID/CLASS with #/. as prefix in “Search form TAG ID/CLASS” field
– In built BuddyPress support added.
– New Transition effect toggle width added and “left, right, top, bottom” transition removed as not compatible with so many themes.
– Fade In, Fade out transition effect available as well.
– WordPress Full Width Music Player plugin supported.
Tested with All default WordPress themes. and many others.
– This plugin will work nicely with any theme built as per WordPress theme guidelines.
– Latest jQuery library supported.
Scroll to top after Ajax complete is now optional feature.
– Compatible with WordPress Full Width Audio Player plugin
– In built support for Meta Slider Strongly recommended.
– In built support for Meteor Slides.
– In built support for Easy FancyBox.
– In built support for Nivo Slider. One known bug, after Ajax navigator(left/right) not working.
– In built support for Really Simple Twitter Feed Widget , Floating Social Bar
– YES, Ajaxify WordPress Site Pro is completely compatible with Contact Form 7
– Compatible with Really Simple CAPTCHA
– Compatible with WordPress Disqus Comment System
– Bookmarking URLs (# url) will work smoothly. Like single post page #comments, #reply links etc.
– WP default comment form submission is not ajaxified yet. We are working on it.
– Optimized JS files.
– Google search engine compatible.

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