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Compatible with Woocommerce 3.1.X WordPress 4.8.X and Ajaxify WordPress Site Pro

Woocommerce Ajax Add to Cart is a unique plugin which will make your WordPress Woocommerce website’s Add to Cart and Update Cart button ajaxify. Got request from many eshop website owners’ to make the product single page Add to Cart button ajaxed so without refreshing the page product will add to the cart. Again while you access the cart page and after changing the item quantity click on Update button the whole page will refresh. After activation of this plugin cart page update button will also behave like ajax means no page refresh. This plugin will work for both variable and simple products.

woocommerce ajax add to cart woojaxwoocommerce ajax add to cart woojax

Woocommerce Ajax Add to Cart is also compatible with Ajaxify WordPress Site Pro(AWS Pro). Means if you are using AWS Pro to make your whole website ajaxify to play tracks without stop and also using Woocommerce to sell products on your website then this is the must have plugin.

woocommerce ajax add to cart woojax

Get The Plugin

Price: $19 only
Product Link: Woocommerce Ajax Add to Cart
Download Link: If the download link you got in your purchase invoice not working drop a mail to with details of your invoice. We will get back to you immediately after receiving the mail.

Plugin issue: If you have any issue regarding above said feature please drop me a mail to Report a Bug

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