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We at YoungTech Leads doing web development in PHP.
Our strong areas:
– PHP, WordPress
– MySql
– jQuery, JavaScript
– Linux Server management
– Yearly server management

Our focus areas while developing websites:
Security: While developing websites first of all we consider security as the priority item because no matter how much good code you are writing if your site hacked then every thing lost.
Performance: Performance is a key aspect of every website. Even though you write good code and do better SEO but if your site loading slow then no one going to browse your website. On the other hand every search engine will also punish your website due to low performance.
SEO: With out SEO there is no meaning to build a website. We build website so others can view it and if you don’t do SEO means your website would not list by Search Engines results. It means you wrote a book and you are the only reader of that book.
Apart from above
– Proper validations
– Writing W3 validated HTML

– Full website development
– Existing website customization
– Plugin integration
– Theme integration
– Multi Site development
– Website SEO Tips
– Third Party plugin customization

Our Work:
Our team consists of Young and Enthusiastic Tech Leaders, who can efficiently do their job. They are WordPress, PHP experts. We are 4 years old in web development and worked for over 150+ websites. Apart from web development for clients we also build WordPress Plugins both light and pro versions. We already sold 3000+ copies of our paid plugins at YoungTech Leads. Ref link:

Few Good works:
Ajaxify WordPress Site(AWS) is the only WordPress plugin that can make your whole WordPress website ajaxify in a minute. If you are planning to play MP3 music on your website then this plugin can do the job in few clicks.

BuddyPress members Import/Export: Do you have old website which has large number of members and now you want to import all these users to your new WordPress website in which you are using BuddyPress plugin for users networking. Then BuddyPress members Import is the only plugin in market which can do the job.

Other WordPress Plugins:
WordPress Database Cleaner
WordPress Bulk Password Reset
Change Table Prefix

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