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WordPress Database Cleaner, is a advanced version of Spam Comments Cleaner, which will allow you to clean your WordPress database more extensively and in a regular manner. You just need to set what are the redundant data you want to delete from WordPress database and set the scheduler. Your are done. Now take a deep sleep. After deleting all the redundant data from database this plugin will optimized all tables as well.

Compatible upto WP 4.9.X

WordPress Database Cleaner, is tested with more 100+ clients and in every case we found website performance increases dramatically after deleting redundant data and optimized all tables.

All possible time interval available:
* Clean Now
* Clean after 1 minute
* Clean in every hour.
* Clean once in a day in a regular manner.
* Clean twice in a day in a regular manner.
* Clean once in a week in a regular manner.
* Clean once in a month in a regular manner.
* Clean twice in a month in a regular manner.
* Clean every day at your custom set time.

WordPress Database Cleaner Schedule

Data deleting from Database:
* SPAM Comments
* Trashed comments
* Comments Metadata
* Orphan metadata from commentsmeta and postmeta tables
* Post and Page Revisions
* Post and Page Trash
* Auto Draft page/post delete
* Optimize Database
* Remove all trackbacks and pingbacks
* Remove draft posts
* Remove transient options
* Enable/Disable cron scheduling for database optimization
* Do above all in multi site setup as well.

WordPress Database Cleaner Features

Application Requirement:

* WordPress 3.X or Latest
* PHP 5.3.X or Latest

Why this plugin:

* There are several plugins in market available which are doing the same job like WordPress Database Cleaner then why you will choose our plugin.
– It has been tested with more than 100+ sites without any error.
– Most important thing no chance to any data loss.
– Once setup cron this plugin will do the job for life time.
– Fully compatible with WordPress Multi ste.
– If you are purchasing the support license then you will get best ever support from YTL team.
– In multi site setup all blogs can be clean together and individually.

* If you have any query/request add in comment section. Team will contact you in next few hours.

We accepts Bitcoin as well. To pay using bitcoin contact us at
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