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Product Description

This plugin is the PRO 2.0 version of the WTI Like Post plugin with some advanced features.
Plugin Original Page:

Pro Features:

  • Functionality for getting automatic plugin updates as a standard wordpress plugin update process
  • Has 2 template files which can be used to show most liked posts through out the site and the most liked posts by an author on author page
  • Compatible with multisite set up
  • Can be used with custom post types
  • Shortcode to place the like/unlike buttons inside post content
  • Functionality for disabling the plugin css file so that you can use custom css from your theme
  • Functionality for showing the like/unlike buttons for post excerpts
  • Functionality for allowing/disallowing author to vote against own post with custom message
  • Option to save plugin settings and table after plugin uninstallation in case you need to reuse the data in future
  • Functionality to disable auto-loading of the like/unlike buttons so that you can use the template tag inside your theme
  • Functionality to store voting counts (like, unlike, total) as post meta which can be used to show posts sorted by voting counts
  • Functionality to use texts instead of like/unlike images in case you want to have some encouraging message which can’t be conveyed using images
  • Functionality for adding default like/unlike entries for posts when they are created
  • Functionality to show most liked/unliked posts from selected categories on Most Liked/Unliked Posts widget
  • Functionality to show posts liked/unliked by all users or the logged in user on the widget and also shortcode for showing the same on a page
  • Wide range of time including hours to have more control on the posts shown on the widget
  • Most Liked/Unliked Category Posts widget to show posts liked/unliked on the specific category page
  • Functionality to show post title, like/unlike count, excerpt, thumbnail, author, categories, tags on all the available widgets
  • Functionality to have default message to encourage users to like posts
  • Functionality to see users who liked a post below the like/unlike buttons
  • In total 6 styles of buttons for like/unlike functionality
  • Functionality to see like count for each post in admin post list/edit section

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Download the Manual Here

WTI Like Post PRO 2.0 Manual (722)

WTI Like Post PRO 1.5 Manual (1117)

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