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10 Powerful Linux Command You Should Try! We all know that the most powerful Linux thing is its Command line. Because you can do almost everything from Linux command line. You can easily instruct your computer what exactly you are looking for and it comes back to you with appropriate data. Not only that there are some commands that makes command line even more powerful!
10 Powerful Linux Command You Should Try!

Here we list 10 Powerful Linux Command You Should Try!

1. Re-execute the last command as Root
sudo !!

2. Find your external IP address.

3. Run your previous command with replacing “foo” with “bar”

4. Empty a file without removing it
> file.txt

5. Execute a command without saving it in the history

6. Clever way to backup a file before you start edit it.
cp filename{,.bak}

7. To Clear your terminal’s screen

8. List of commands containing specific work
history | grep keyword

9. Saving the file you just edited in vim/vi without the required sudo permissions
:w !sudo tee %

10. List all installed modules
sudo list installed

Hope above help 🙂

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