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3 WordPress Plugins By Me

Ajaxify WordPress Site(AWS)

Ajaxify WordPress Site(AWS)Ajaxify WordPress Site will load posts, pages, search, header, sidebar, footer sections etc. without reloading entire page. This was my first plugin and is still a little quirky. This will ajaxify your website. All the front end links will turns to ajaxify.
Download Link: Download

Spam Comments Cleaner

Spam Comments CleanerDelete all the SPAM comments of your WordPress site in a regular time interval. To start the scheduled script this plugin using wp_cron hook. This plugin basically delete all spam comments of your WordPress site in a regular time interval. If you are a WordPress site owner then you are definitely aware that everyday more than 20-30 SPAM comments are posting in your site’s different posts. And if you do not delete these spam comments then database size going heavy day after day. So to have database size lighter you have to remove unnecessary spam comments. To do so you have to go to comments listing and delete all the spam comments.
Download Link: Download

Members Import

Members ImportThis plug-in allows you to batch import of users/members taken from an uploaded CSV file. It will add users/members with basic information, including firstname, lastname, username, password and email address. Each user who is added will be a ‘subscriber’ if value not provided in csv file, and be able to login to your site.
Download Link: Download

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