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BuddyPress Members Import FAQ

Q: Is there any PHP version dependency with BMI Plugin
Yes, you have to have Minimum PHP version 5.3.X else you will get following error message on plugin activation
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/buddypress-members-import/buddypress-members-import.php on line XXX

Q: How to install BMI?
– Upload BuddyPress Members Import Directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
– Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
– Go to Users tab there a BuddyPress Members Import menu will be present click on it.

Q: How to create CSV file?
– If you have your users in another WordPress BuddyPress website then use BuddyPress Members Export plugin for quick export.
– Open your favorite editor write your comma separated values there.
– Now do Save as the same file and save the file in CSV format.

Q: Do I need to have Groups created before import CSv file?
– If you are using BuddyPress Members Import plugin version < 4.0 then yes, you have to have Groups created before CSV file import. - If you are using plugin version >= 4.0 the in CSV file have a column member_groups_name and in value have the group name. If you want map multiple groups then separate groups name by :: eg., “Group 1::Group 2”

Q: I am on MAC and my CSV file not working?
You should not face this issue any more as we already support in code. But even though if you are facing this issue then follow this, in MAC system there a different type of CSV file can be generate. So while you are creating CSV file in MAC system must save the CSV file in ‘Windows Comma Separated(.CSV)’

Q: Do I need to maintain any order in CSV file?
– No, you have to write columns name in first row and these columns can be in any order.

Q: Can I upload image/avatar from CSV file?
– Yes, but you have to maintain something.
– In CSV file first row you have to write column name ‘avatar’ for member image
– Value for this column will be the complete path of the image.
– Before run import, please check that the directory in which image will save must have the write permission.

Q: Is this plugin handle the xprofile fields default visibility? If yes, do I need to do anything for this.
– YES. This plugin now able to handle the xprofile fields default visibility.
– No, to achieve this you have to do nothing.

Q: Can I send user their USERNAME AND PASSWORD?
YES, for that you have to check ‘Notification’ check-box.

Q: Can I update existing user using BMI plugin?
YES, for that you have to have ‘user_login’ and other fields you want to update in your CSV file and need to check ‘Update existing users’ check-box.

Q: Can I update existing user password using BMI plugin?
YES, for that you have to have minimum ‘user_email’ and ‘user_pass’ fields in your CSV file and need to check ‘Update existing users password’ check-box. or use this plugin WordPress Bulk Password Reset

Q: How to add data for multiple values field?
Multivalued will be separated by double colon(::).
Like if you have a column say Vehicle and the values for this column are as follows car, bike, bicycle.
Then add data in CSV file as “car::bike::bicycle”

Q: How to send user notification mail?
If you want to send WP default user notification mail then check only ‘Notification: ‘ and if want to send custom notification mail then check both ‘Notification: ‘ and ‘Custom Notification:’

Q: Other than English language characters are not saving properly ?
If you are facing this problem then open buddypress-members-import.php file in
editor now search for

$cvalue = utf8_encode( $cvalue );

Comment the above line.

Q: Date field value format in CSV file ?
YYYY-mm-dd 00:00:00

Q: Paid Memberships Pro level field name in CSV file ?
In CSv file column name will be pmpro_level and value will be the integer ID of Level

22 thoughts on “BuddyPress Members Import FAQ

  1. I wonder what is “complete path of avatar.” I uploaded user avatar folders in “wp-content>uploads>avatars>”, then I put it as “wp-content/uploads/avatars” ? or “wp-content/uploads/avatars/[userid]”?

      1. Manish,

        What the complete path should be is still unclear. Are you saying that the complete path has to be local?

        If not, and we upload it to the media library, is the path something like this: “wp-content/uploads/files/2013/10/filename.png”?

        Lastly, just to confirm, is your plugin taking the file from the directory we enter, and placing it where it should go (files/avatars/[user-id]/filename.png) ?

  2. Email address and “Display as..” is not importing correctly – what should these fields be called on my spreadsheet?

  3. WordPress default fields should be like below:
    ‘user_login’, ‘user_pass’,
    ‘user_email’, ‘user_url’, ‘user_nicename’,
    ‘display_name’, ‘user_registered’, ‘first_name’,
    ‘last_name’, ‘nickname’, ‘description’,
    ‘rich_editing’, ‘comment_shortcuts’, ‘admin_color’,
    ‘use_ssl’, ‘show_admin_bar_front’, ‘show_admin_bar_admin’,

  4. Just checking before I use this. We will have more people to “add” over time. Will this append to the database of users or overwrite? Don’t want to lose who is there already.
    Thank you.

  5. And how do i map the Buddypress xprofile fields? For example, I have a column name ‘mbrsex’ and that is either value ‘man’ or value ‘woman’.

    Instead of putting it xprofile under field group_id 3 it puts in in the user_meta for wordpress and is not accessible via the Buddypress profile or WP.

    1. Hello Mike,

      For BuddyPress xProfile fields name should be as same as the name of database table column name. Mean if you go to any xprofile field in edit mode the ‘Field Title’ value should be the column name in CSV file

      If the value will be multiple then value should be separate by ::(double colon)

    1. – In CSV file member group id(s) column name should be ‘member_group_ids’. Before importing members all group should be created and in CSV file provide the group id(s) separated by double colon(::).

  6. Hi,
    The members csv file I have to import contains a MD5 crypted password field column.
    How BMI does manage with that ? Will the users be able to use their password aftter BMI import to BuddyPress.
    Thank you,
    Jean David

    1. No, CSV file should have raw password not the crypted, as this plugin using all WP functions internally. You can select the email notification check box checked so user will get their new login details in email. This plugin also has way to create your own template for email notification.

  7. Quick question, is there a sample csv file I can use as a reference somewhere?

    I’m looking for somethign to confirm things like passwords, column_names and so on?

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