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17 thoughts on “BuddyPress Members Import Review

  1. This plugin does exactly what it promises to do. It is more than worth the fee they’re charging. I was doing a massive ETL job and was not looking forward to generating PHP serialized arrays. With this plugin, I didn’t have to! It took care of it for me. My BuddyPress profile has over 200 fields and this had no problem mapping them all.

    It did run out of memory a few times. Probably needs to release objects when it’s done processing a row. But because the settings skip over existing data, I was able to just refresh the page and it picked back up where it left off.

  2. Hi Manish,

    Can you please contact me regarding your BuddyPress Members Import plugin? I am interested to know before purchasing if after import there is a away to still go through activation process. Meaning users will then be sent e-mail to activate their account. This way I can judge who has bothered to activate and who hasn’t.


    1. Hello There,

      This plugin will activate users at the time of importing so there is no way that user can activate them self. But yes this plugin sending mail to users after importing about their login credentials.


      1. Would it be difficult to for me to modify the plugin so that after import users are imported but not activated?

        Also a second question, is there anyway to link profiles together if they are apart of the same family? I was wondering if knew of a away and how much it would cost if it would require custom coding.

  3. I have imported 5000 users using BuddyPress Members Import plugin. Of course not in a single time. 400 – 500 in a single file. But imported all successfully without any error.

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