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Million dollar question is “How to speedup my WordPress site”. If you are a WordPress developer and developing websites for your clients, then it is very obvious that you are getting lots of crazy requirements from your clients. Sometime these requirements are enough to steal your night sleep and can make your life complicated. You are thinking a lot and not able to reached to the solution and then suddenly you get a contributed plug-in which can solve your problem. 🙂

Now the problem is, sometime these plug-ins can also makes your life more complicated than before because you need one functionality and plug-in having about 10 different functionality that is why plug-in size increases and even though you dont need these functionality you have to activate this plug-in because this plug-in can solve your one problem. But in this way if you solve your problem by activating contributed plug-in then the problem is you have to install so many plug-in and the result is your site will load very slow, performance of the site will be very poor and even though you created website as per your client’s requirement s/he shouting on you that ‘Why the site is slow :(‘ with a polite request ‘Please make the site faster :)’. But how 🙁 Who knows?

Reason of the site slow is activation of so many plug-ins and you can’t deactivate a single because you need all these plug-ins.

Now the question is, is there a way to full fill the client’s requirement by avoiding the contributed plug-ins. Ahh of course why not 🙂 because whatever be the contributed plug-in you are going to activate to solve your problem is also written by some developer like you and when other developer can then why not you.

So how to solve? WordPress core providing HOOKS (actions and filters) to extend or modify the core functionality and using these all the plug-in developers are creating plug-ins and contributing to

So first understand clearly what is your client’s requirements and find out the WordPress core file(s) where you need to write code wait don’t write code there, see care fully there you must get some action/filters to hook the core, I am sure you will get.

What next? Create your own custom plug-in using these hooks hook the WordPress core and solve your problem 🙂

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