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Steps to Install Ajaxify WordPress Site Pro

Upload ajaxify-wordpress-site-pro folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress admin section.
Go to Settings tab there is ‘AWS Pro Options’ Page link will be present click on it and provide the details.
Provide the ID/CLASS of the container you want to be ajaxify with #/. in ‘Ajax container ID/CLASS’ field.
Provide the ID/CLASS of the menu container with #/. in ‘Menu container ID/CLASS’ field.
Provide search form tag ID/CLASS with #/. ‘Search form TAG ID/CLASS’.

Meta Slider Settings:

Provide the meta slider numerical id to ‘Meta Slider numerical ID‘ field which is visible if meta slider plugin activated. You can have any number of meta slider in your website all will work(provide only one slider ID in AWS Pro option page) but there is one restriction which can not be overcome and that is all the meta sliders has to have same settings else their JS files will conflict because AWS Pro would not refresh browser.

Disqus Comment System settings:

Go to AWS Pro Options page, if WordPress disqus comment system plugin already activated then you can see there a text box with label ‘Disqus Forum Shortname’. In this text box you have to provide the same text which you did in disqus settings page. This value should be exactly similar.

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